A Mad Scientist Party

mad scientist halloween partyIt’s ghastly, it’s very inventive and it’s a Halloween staple — that’s right, it’s a mad scientist party!

When it comes to a mad scientist party, everybody will want to get in on the action (and the experiments — mwah ha ha).

A mad scientist party is perfect for Halloween because it works for every age group, both genders and virtually every personality. Even the most buttoned up CEO-by-day is going to want to get jiggy with an Albert Einstein-style frizzy wig and an evil cackle once word gets around that you’ll be hosting the party this year!

These ideas are perfect for charming — or perhaps experimenting on? — your guests with little toil and just enough bubbling trouble to really make a splash. Here’s the quick-and-dirty on your evil, awesome party and how to plan it.

Ghastly Grub

When it comes to dressing up your Halloween spread, food grade dry ice turns every meal into a maddening event. With just a small amount of dry ice you can create a steaming scientific experiment that will leave your guests raving. Our favorite way to use this trick is in a caldron style punch bowl.

If you have young children at the party you may need a safer alternative. In this case, clean rubber gloves are a great way to make “monster hand” shaped ice. Simply fill several gloves up with water and tie the ends off like a balloon. Once frozen, cut away the rubber with kitchen scissors and place into your juice or punch bowl to keep the kid-sized treats ghostly chilly.

Halloween Commotion Potion Party Favors

“Lizard guts and wart of toad,
Broomstick boogers a’lamode,
Slime of snail and wing of bat
One ½ cup of molded rat”

These little print outs are the start of a beautifully bewitching party favor that is a nice break from the ordinary for kids and adults alike.

Next you’ll need “potion style” bottles with toppers along with a family size ready-to-make Kool-Aid powder. The best potion bottles can be found in the craft section and are most often used as sand art. Simply pour in the Kool-Aid powder, pop on the lid and tie on the print outs from above.

Viola! Instant, spook-tacular party favors in a jiff.

*Haunted hint: To “age” party favor print outs or invitations, prior to adding writing, wet a tea bag, ring it out a bit and “paint” it onto your paper. Allow to dry and take a lighter to the edges of the paper.

Get Into Character

You can complete your party’s vibe with a fun lab coat and a wacky Albert Einstein do. A few lab bottles make great props for making this look work with the room. For a less obvious choice go as a lab rat or a human experiment gone horrible wrong – with the latter there are no wrong ideas!

Creating a hauntingly happening Halloween bash can be as easy as conquering that chemicals chart from your freshman year in college chem . . . we kid. We kid. It is MUCH easier than that.

So why are you still sitting around reading this? Get up. Get out and get ready for a Halloween party that is sure to leave everyone raving mad.

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