Bat Wrap

This Game Is Sure To Be A “Hit” At Your Halloween Party

Flying Vampire Bats seem to add to the overall mystique and scariness of Halloween. With their long, rubbery wings, squinched up noses, and love of blood-sucking, it’s no wonder people take off like lightening and run in the opposite direction whenever these little creatures make an appearance. Not to mention the fact that they make the most eerie noises you’ll ever hear.

For those that don’t “love” the real thing, we have a better alternative…and it’s way cooler, too! For your next Halloween soiree, get your guests “wrapping” and playing with a big bat with the Bat Wrap game. You can be assured that all of the yuckiness that’s associated with real bats will be totally thrown out of the window as your guests get all wrapped up in fun!

vampire bat wrap Halloween gameThe Bat Wrap game is the Halloween version of tether ball. So, it’s fairly easy to get things started because you can purchase a basic tetherball game set at any toy store or discount retailer. The trick to make Bat Wrap totally about the “bat” is to transform the tetherball itself into one of those black, winged mammals.

Materials to Make the Game

To do this, you will need a red permanent marker, permanent black marker to color the body black, thick foam sheets and chenille stems to create wings, and a hot glue gun.

Make the face of the bat first using the black and red markers. Then, blacken the rest of the tetherball with the black permanent marker. To create the wings, cut the foam sheets to the size that you want for the wings. Hot glue the chenille stems to the foam wings to make them sturdy and then, hot glue the wings to the tetherball.

Another alternative is to sew the wings onto the ball with a needle and thread. You could add to the overall gross out factor by hot gluing black fur or cut up doll hair to the body to give the ball that rough, hairy Vampire Bat feel! Once your “bat” is ready, assemble the rest of the tetherball set according to the instructions.

Game Instructions

Your guests will compete one-on-one with each other. The object of the game is to be the first to wrap the bat around the pole. It’s safe to say that most people would love the chance to “bam a bat”. Now, they have will have it!

Each player hits the bat in a certain direction. Then, opponent must then try to hit the bat back in an effort to keep it from wrapping around the pole. Touching that hairy, chested bat may make some guests feel a little weird, but that’s the fun part!

The winner will be the guest that gets the bat wrapped around the pole in their hitting direction. At the end of a series of rounds, you should be prepared to crown one of your guests the Bat Wrap Champion! After playing this game, they could end up having a new-found appreciation for those black blood-suckers.

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