Gothic Vampire Party Theme

Get your Goth on…you know you want to.

Gothic Vampire is a new-millennium take on an ages old legend. We see its stylized attitude in movies like The Twilight series and Blade, and on shows like The Vampire Diaries and True Blood.

There are also hints of Goth Vampire in the new steampunk movement which is oh so very cool – think The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Van Helsing and Sherlock Holmes (the Robert Downey, Jr. version) for this genre.

It’s scary, it’s spicy, it’s chic, and both boys and girls are allowed to play. That’s what makes this such a fun theme for your Halloween party.

By the way…we did mention spice, didn’t we? ūüėČ Since Hollywood began taking a seductive spin on them in 20th century cinema (pretty well since Bram Stoker’s Dracula), vampires have been the sexiest thing walking (or flying, or doing that vapor thing). Goth takes that equation and adds even more heat — so think sexy, sexy, sexy for your goth vampire costume. Unleash your inner vamp — it’s a chillingly good party experience!

Dressing to Kill

It’s not a goth vampire party without an absolutely killer outfit. Try these ideas to look your vivacious Victorian-inspired vixen (or devastating dude) hottest:

  • Gothic vampire costumeCostume vampire fangs…of course. Get good ones, from Scarecrow.
  • Colored contacts. For a huge WOW factor. (Note: You only have one pair of eyes. We CAN NOT vouch for this or any company as far as safety, comfort or other factors related to contact lenses.)
  • Goggles and other Steampunk touches.
  • Matte black nail polish or awesome crackle nail polish.
  • Black lace-up top or a lace, button or snap corset; lace-up¬†boots or a¬†lace-side skirt.
  • Fingerless gloves, for both men and women.
  • A black trench coat or duster for men; think The Matrix.
  • Vinyl; leather; silk (look for budget lookalike versions of these materials).
  • Lace, or torn, black stockings. A garter belt with these make a devastating combination…try it if you dare!
  • Long, long, long skirt with a high slit, showing black boots underneath.
  • Voluminous multi-skirt looks (lace for the underskirt, something sexy for the overskirt…or vice versa).
  • Red and black, or pink and black (tea party-esque Goth; we love it!)
  • Black and white stripes.
  • A cape; drape it rather than simply closing it at the neck. This will give the look a more up-to-date feel.
  • Oversize religious jewelry.
  • “Dog collar” necklace and wrist cuffs with studs.
  • Makeup: Try this gorgeous Youtube tutorial (below). Also use latex skin, glue-on latex bite marks and faux blood. (Be sure you don’t have an allergy to latex first, though.)
  • Bat wings or black faerie wings for an innocent and fey touch to contrast with your darker side.

Party Decor for Your Chilling Little Soiree

Vampires haven’t always been pretty. But they HAVE always been cool. Pic: Le Stryge (The Vampire), c. 1853 wood etching.

It’s getting spoooooky in here! Decorating your own little Batcave is half the fun of putting together this party theme. Most of the following ideas take into account pressed time frames and budgets (trust us, we understand!). More complex decor is included as well. Remember, even a few eerie touches will add atmosphere, so pick the ones that sing (or howl) to you and put the rest on the back burner for next year.

“Old-world”¬†vampire¬†imagery.¬†Original beliefs in vampirism (including during the Victorian/goth era) often included the creature being hideously ugly and/or part animal. You’re going for a very old-fashioned decoration theme here, so realistic, no-punches-pulled images will be the perfect complement to your decor. Look online for some great imagery … on second thought, I just did, and only came up with modern fantasy images! Search for actual historical and fictional names, such as Vlad the Impaler, Carmilla, Le Stryge, and other Medieval monsters like ghouls and gargoyles. Also search based on time period, such as “Gothic artwork 19th century”. Print out in large scale and hang your gristly artwork on the walls.

Faux blood. Find this in the novelty or Halloween section of your nearest party store, check online or simply use ketchup or hot sauce (careful; all of these, including the commercially prepared fake blood, will stain). There’s also a home-made fake blood recipe here.

Your furry friends — all¬†vamped up.¬†Here’s a great idea for live, realtime decor that doubles as entertainment when the pet walks through the party area: Drip a little faux blood from underneath Fido’s collar onto his coat. Paint red drops on his or your kitty’s white flea collar, too. If you have exceptionally patient pets, have them wear mini vampire costumes as well.

All things aged. “Age” any decor you have with faux spiderwebs and spiders, “dust” (use flour), etc.

Gothic sundialSteampunk-style decor. Anything that looks outrageously/impossibly mechanically held together and very intricate will do. Complex rusty-looking gears are perfect. Cut your own out of cardboard and paint. Items that should be old-fashioned but have a somewhat industrial/current look to them are also great. Here’s a fun metal sundial that would do nicely on your gothic party table – that way you can warn your guests when sunrise is about to happen.

Candles, candles, candles, candles…and more candles. If you’re concerned about fire, use electric flickering candles instead of real ones. Either way, partially melt (use a hairdryer on non-flammables with wax casings) short, tall, fat, round and any and all candles you can find. Put them in wine bottles and on plates — search garage sales for cheap, older, perhaps chipped pieces. Have them lit (or the switch turned on). Put them on top of stacks of books, on the party table, on end tables, even in the bathroom — wherever your guests will be gravitating during their night of gristly fun.

Red lightbulbs. You need at least one of these! Replacing regular white bulbs with red bulbs in the dance area will make the festivities creepier — and way more fun. Otherwise, put them in hallway bulb outlets or in other places guests will go to create an instantly spooky atmosphere.

Bats, of course. Hang them everywhere.

A full size coffin. We’ve found amazing deals on for the real thing. (Is there anything you can’t find on Craigslist? We’ve seen real hearses there too, by the way!) But if you’re leery of online amateur sales or if you just don’t have the cash to invest in the real deal, here’s an incredible, inexpensive tutorial on making a “toe-pincher” style coffin out of foam. You can also cut cardboard pieces, glue or tack them together and make a great-looking coffin.

Recipes You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

Ooh…want a bite? Oh come on…how about just a little nibble?

Set your goth vampire party foods table with a white lace tablecloth and perhaps a plastic candelabra if you have one (check your local dollar store or ,a href=” candelabra&_encoding=UTF8&tag=partyhalloween-20&linkCode=ur2&camp=1789&creative=390957″>Amazon… the more creeped up this is, the better). Then fill it with delectable goodies.

Think sensuous, the color red and vamp-y touches. How about a gorgeous tray of very, very good chocolates? Glasses of bubbly? A rented wine fountain (red wine, naturally)? One word here: If you’ll be going for elegant touches like these, don’t skimp. If you’re budgeting, you still have plenty of options. Here are some delicious ideas:

blood punchBlood Punch Recipe (non-alcohol version)

  • 1 box red-colored Jello, any flavor
  • 2 liters red-colored soda, any variety
  • a punch bowl

Prepare Jello according to package directions. Refrigerate at least 6 hours, until very firm. Immediately before the party, pour the cold soda into a punch bowl. Break the Jello into small chunks. Add chunks to the blood bowl. The idea is that the blood contains clumps. Serve right away so the Jello doesn’t “melt” into the punch before guests have had a look at your creation.

Bood Punch Recipe (alcohol version)

  • 1 box red-colored Jello, any flavor
  • 2 liters red-colored soda, any variety
  • rum of your choice

Prepare the Jello ahead of time per the non-alcohol directions above. Prepare the punch adding the rum of your choice. Cut up Jello junks; add to poured individual glasses of punch immediately before handing to guests. The alcohol will “melt” the clumps much more quickly than the soda, so you want this to be an individually served item. Make up glasses as they’re needed; do not add the Jello to the rum punch ahead of time.

vampyre cupcake
Vampyre cupcakes, by Baking Bites

Vampire Cupcakes Recipe

  • red velvet cake mix
  • white prepared frosting (in the cakes/cupcakes aisle)
  • squeezable red gel icing
  • black cupcake liners

Prepare the red velvet cake in black cupcake cups per the cake package’s directions. Allow cupcakes to cool completely, then frost each. In the top center of each frosted cupcake, punch two small holes using any small kitchen instrument (for example, a chopstick or a skewer). Squeeze pools of red gel¬†icing into each small hole you’ve just made. Dribble a small line of red gel icing from each hole. The effect is that the cupcake has already been bitten into.

Bitten Berry Cobbler Idea

  • Frozen bakeable cherry or any red berry colored pie, turnovers or individual mini-pies
  • wooden skewers

This isn’t so much a recipe as it is an easy, quick and gory creation…which is why we love it! Simply bake any prepared, frozen uncooked berry pie, or individual berry filled turnovers, per the package’s directions. Take out and cool. Cut a jagged slice into each so the red berry juice spills out. Break wooden skewers or kabob sticks in half; stick one half at an angle into each individual turnover, or place just one into the pie, as the “stakes” that “killed” the spooky pie.

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