Tomb Raider: Dig If You Dare!

Some things can just give you the heeby jeebies, like the thought of doing some Halloween grave digging. If you think that sounds totally perfect to freak out your party guests, then, we have just the game for your next Halloween party. The Tomb Raider party game is a wild, but maybe just as messy, alternative to real casket raiding. Here’s how you can dig into the fun:

You will need to provide each guest with a casket-shaped box, about the size of a shoe box. These can be found at a local party supply store during the Halloween season. If you are unable to find those Dracula-inspired caskets, you may be able to just use long rectangular plastic storage containers, which any modern vampire would be just as proud to linger in.

To get the full effect of this exciting casket raiding expedition that your guests will be on, you will need to fill each box with the most gruesome stuff that you can conjure up like:

  • spiders (the hairier the better),
  • plastic eyeballs –these can be bought in bulk or made by using a permanent marker to create pupils on rubber bouncing balls
  • tongues (no one will expect these!)– cut thick foam sheets into tongue shaped pieces or if you really want to gross them out even more, use real calf liver cut to the size of a human tongue!
  • gold coins
  • and of course, classic gummy worms, because no Halloween would be complete without them!

tomb raider party game

Be sure that every tomb has the exact same number of items. Add a “special touch” to the caskets by coating the items inside with slime (Jell-o)! Then, you’re ready to play the game!

There are two ways that you can play, but both will require the players to be blindfolded.

For play mode 1: Tomb raiders will need to get a feel for their work with this game. Set a timer and have the blindfolded players identify each object that they pull from the tomb. The tomb raider that identifies the most objects before the time is up wins! Of course, everyone that plays must take the “graveyard code of silence” so that they won’t spoil the fun for the next batch of casket contestants.

For play mode 2: Each player will have to find the tomb’s treasure of gold coins. Each tomb raider will have to find as many gold coins as possible from the gory, goopy casket mix. Don’t be surprised if there are some with faint hearts that are too grossed out to keep digging once they get a feel or two of those grave-worthy objects.

The tomb raider with the biggest treasure of gold coins wins the game!

Along with the chorus of squeamish remarks that you get from this game, you should also expect plenty of laughs and cheers at your Halloween festivities. Who wouldn’t “dig” that?

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