A Darkly Delicious True Blood Party – Ideas For Your Own

Monsters, love triangles and hardcore bitchery … there’s everything to love about the HBO series True Blood! If you haven’t seen it yet, do. It’s amazingly addictive, and can make for a spectacular Halloween party!

The show is based on Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse Mystery books.

And hold onto your haunted little hat, fangbangers: it features vampires, witches, werewolves, werepanthers (yep), faeries, shapeshifters, telepaths and who knows what else for the coming season.

True Blood Halloween party characters

Cast includes Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and a whole wolf’s den of hotties

True Blood is just too awesome to pass up as a Halloween party theme. So we’ve dug up the freshest ideas for a True Blood party. Sink your teeth into these fang-tastic ideas:

Back Story and Basic Elements to Keep in Mind

  • In the True Blood “universe,” Japanese scientists have created a synthetic drink that sustains vampires, theoretically allowing vamps and humans to get along. Not all vamps (or even humans) agree with the premise, however. Meanwhile, it’s been discovered that “V”/”V juice,” or vampire blood, gives humans a narcotic high. Mention these elements in your invitations and when naming your recipes.
  • True Blood is gory, steamy, kitschy and sexy. Often, it’s funny (“What you need to do is change out of your clothes. There’s vampire in your cleavage”). All this and a southern accent too.
Jason at Fangtasia

Jason haunts Fangtasia, where the wicked come to drink. Source: Truebloodguide.com

  • The series takes place in Bon Temps, a small town in Louisiana. This idea literally adds spice to the dishes you serve and can give you loads of great ideas for decor.
  • Since the story lines include everything from vampires and telepaths to werepanthers and faeries, you can add so many mystical, magical elements to a True Blood party. Get imaginative and add a sexy or ironic twist to decor, foods and your party invitations.
  • Your go-to colors for any vampire party theme will be black and red. Materials, real or faux, should be sensuous and full of vamp-style awesome (faux leather and faux velvet, for example). Play with your decor colors and items until you’ve found something deliciously wicked.
True Blood Vampire Banquet

A banquet to die for. Source: quaintlygarcia.com

  • You’ll be leaning less on the cob-webby, haunted house style elements for this vampire theme and more on weird and scary twists to ordinary objects. For instance, place candles in everyday, very “normal”-looking candle holders, but have the candles be black. Dress as a vampire in a waitress’s or school girl’s uniform. Stuff vases with black feathers or black and red roses.
Sookie at Merlottes

A tasty little item…and the food looks good, too. Sookie at Merlotte’s. Source: Truebloodguide.com

  • There are two major hangouts in the series, Merlotte’s and Fangtasia. Explore these environments for your decor. Dress up the place in a macabre version of an eatery. Or boom some awesome music and hang an inexpensive disco ball for a club-style atmosphere.
  • The American Vampire League and the anti-vamp Fellowship of the Sun make a great dichotomy. Put elements of both in your decor. Have guests choose a “side” for party games. Create dark v. light decor — suns and moons, white and black stripes, etc.

Do Bad Things. Shop True Blood at the HBO Store

Step Into My Parlor: Party Invitations

Snap these up at Amazon and send to your victims.

Vampire invitations are easy to come by. They’re almost as easy to make. So why not create these yourself?

Purchase inexpensive plastic test tubes from Amazon or ebay. Print your party invitations on red paper; roll up the paper and insert one invite into each tube. Voila — a very cool “blood vial” so guests know what they’re in for!

Use creepy / fun wording. For example, for the time, put “after sunset” (with the actual time printed underneath so guests know for sure when to come). You can ask guests to BYOB (“bring your own blood”) with a comment underneath requesting they bring whatever beverages they’d like to have during the party – preferably blood red wine.

This idea is fun, too, but make sure you’re not mailing invites during a stretch of hot weather: enclose old-school wax vampire lips with your invitations. Mmm, delicious good fun!

Come Have a Bite: Snacks and Drinks

Mmm. Time to tear into some party snacks! How about these…

  • Louisiana-style food will satisfy your guests’ urge for something a little spicy. Make hot rice and beans, “dirty rice” (with ground beef) or wings with a hot sauce.
  • Prepare red-colored foods. Red velvet cupcakes iced in cream cheese frosting are divine; add two drops of red gel icing for “bite marks” in the top. Red chillies, cut red fruits, tomatoes and tomato sauce make for great party bites, too.
Blood Bags Candy

Vot’s the matter? Don’t you vant a drink?

  • Serve Jell-O shots. You can make these virgin (non-alcoholic) if you’d like. Just be sure to add snap by using something tangy in your recipe, like a little lemon or lime juice.
  • Have you seen these cool blood bags? They’re too fun and will be a hit at your party. They’re also perfect for goody bags or for prizes during the party.
  • Cook up some beef, chicken or pork cubes and skewer each on an angle with a tooth pick. Drip with Asian plum sauce. Awesome presentation, yummy snack.
  • Make heart burgers. Mix ground beef with whatever spices you’d like into a regular burger. Add slices of red bell pepper into the mixture. Grill and serve dripping with ketchup. The pepper slices are “veins”! Ewwwwww … but tasty.

Dress to Kill: Costume Ideas

Vampire Nail PolishTrue Blood isn’t really gothic in dress (though it does have its dark elements, and plenty of them). However, the sexiness factor of some of the clothes in the series does express the idea of “all vamped up.” Remember that you can invite guests to dress any way you think will fit the party.

A True Blood party is a great way to focus on the fab. Go glampire with hot nail polish and makeup (guys too — paint your nails black; trust us, it’s hot, at least for this purpose).

For both men and women, black gloves (long for the ladies), boots, long black dusters/trench coats, the colors black and red – plus touches of white for men, and materials like vinyl all work. Do your hair up to the nines, too.

Also, HBO has a fun True Blood store; check it out if you’d like some really authentic-looking True Blood gear.

At Partyhalloween.com, we like unique touches; if that describes you, haunt your local consignment shop to complete your spooky, sexy getup. Think lace, satiny materials, vintage clothing, boots and costume jewelry.

All good things must come to an end. We definitely suggest you urge your guests home before dawn breaks. Make sure everyone who’s imbibed has a ride home — don’t let tipsy guests rely on their own wings. Have fun, Southern darlings!

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