When it comes to Halloween party decorations, you may think you’ve seen it all before. Guess again, my ghoulish friend: we’ve compiled cool decor that may surprise you — and will definitely delight (and terrify!) your guests.

Not blessed with the gift of crafting (and we don’t mean witchcrafting)? Don’t worry — we’ll be giving you all the specifics on how to get the skull, er, we mean the ball, rolling on your party decoration scheme, as well as where to find the materials you’ll need.

You won’t need to pull your hair out or bust your party planning budget to get these great Halloween looks. Our unique and crowd-pleasing ideas will show you how to deck the hallows this party season. You’ll be combining the traditional, such as cemetery headstones, cobwebs, ghosts and monsters, with new ideas to create an awesome presentation.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s dig up a few great ideas!