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With a name like PartyHalloween, you can only expect a guide that is totally focused on making your Halloween party the best ever. Party Halloween, An Adult’s Guide to Fun, Fright and Frolic is jam packed with awesome ideas that will make your Halloween party more fun than a barrel of ghouls! No ebook offers a more comprehensive coverage on the topic of Halloween parties than Party Halloween!

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a party, right? Of course it wouldn’t! After all, it’s the time of year when inhibitions are replaced with outrageous personas, allowing the most mild-mannered of people to become party animals!

While us Halloween fans love to attend a good party, giving one is a whole other story.

There’s the invitations to create, the costumes to sew, the decorations that take forever to make, the food to prepare. Whew! Isn’t there an easier way to do a party? The answer is “yes” and you’re looking at it. What you’ve got is the best guide around for busy adults that want to have a great Halloween party with minimal fuss.

PartyHalloween: An adults guide to fun, fright & frolic

has been written with the talented contributions of creative people that know the in’s and out’s of how to do fun events with just a few resources. They agreed to share their secrets on amazing party themes, recipes, games, design and set construction.

Rediscover that the real fun is creating something out of practically nothing!

Inside PartyHalloween, we’ll show you how to:

  • Lure guests to your party with festive Halloween invitations. We’ll show you how to make the first impression memorable with a selection of 12 incredible Halloween party invitations that you can print out. (see p. 15)
  • Infuse your party with Halloween spirit using simple Halloween decorations. Nothing makes any environment more festive than having nice looking Halloween decorations. Inside PartyHalloween, we’ll show how to get the most from decor that offers impact and a fun time for all.
  • Stand out at any costume party with one of over 20 Halloween costume ideas. We give you the inside scoop on some of the hottest Halloween costumes for this Halloween season. Some of these ideas could easily help you win ANY Halloween costume contest.
    (see p. 28)
  • Feed your party guests like family with our delicious Halloween recipes such as a Dragon’s Breath Dip. (see p. 48) Or, how ’bout Baked Alien Eggs? (p. 50). No matter what you want to serve up your guests, we’ve got amazing choices!
  • Kick up the fun-factor a few notches with Ghoulish Halloween games, such as Body Part Toss. (see p. 36) No party is complete without some fun games to get your party go-ers in the right frame of mind. Our adult-oriented games are sure to have your attendees talking about it for the rest of the year!
  • Need some ideas for party themes? We have nearly 50 pages of them! We hand selected over half a dozen of the most popular themes, and go into extreme detail on everything from the layout, to the costumes, games, decor, recipes, theme and music choices. Thinking of a zombie-themed Halloween party? We have over 12 costume ideas, 3 full pages of decor ideas, 10 recipes for your fellow zombies, and games you can play. And that’s just one theme!

Zombie Apocalypse Theme

  • Thinking of using a fog machine? We go into great detail on what to buy, how to make your own fog juice (should you decide to), and cheap ways to make your fog roll along the ground just like you see in the movies! (see p. 131)
  • Learn how to construct a Creepy Halloween Cocktail Bar – We go step by step into the materials you need to build a temporary bar in your own home. Learn the construction methods, safety tips, lighting and how to decorate to give your bar that awesome “WOW” factor. (see p. 53)

PartyHalloween: An adult’s guide to fun, fright and frolic tells you exactly what to do to throw the best Halloween party your guests have ever attended. You’ll get
Halloween Invitations, Decorations, Costumes, Games, Theme party and Food ideas in PartyHalloween! all in one convenient publication.

Let’s take a closer look at Party Halloween:

Halloween Party Invitations

Halloween party invitationsNo doubt about it, a good invitation is the best way to kick-off any Halloween party. No need to go to the store and buy expensive invitations. Your ebook comes with 12 print resolution invitations. Simply personalize, print and send any of the ready-to-go invitations and you’ve got the party started!

In PartyHalloween you’ll find wonderful options to lure guests to your festivities, set the tone for what a great party they can expect, and create a sense of excitement. Be sure to give guests plenty of notice about your party, ideally two weeks. If costumes are expected, be sure to write that on the invitation.

Halloween Party Decorations

Not Martha Stewart? No problem! With PartyHalloween, simply flip to the theme you are considering and we’ll show you how to transform your home into a spooky, creepy fun house.

On a budget? No problem! Use our decorating ideas and save $$. Decorating for a party can be frustrating. The easy way is to just hang orange and black common crepe paper and call it a day. But why settle? Or …

If you believe some Halloween books, you should take countless days to create elaborate decorations that are only going to last a few hours. Who has time for that??

In PartyHalloween you’ll find a potpourri of ideas to permeate your party with Halloween spirit!

Halloween Party Costumes

Good Angel Bad Devil costume ideaNotice how the really good store-bought costumes are starting to creep over a hundred bucks? On Halloween you want to stand out in the crowd and be an original, without breaking the bank. Try any one of our unique costume ideas by and you’ll get rave reviews!

Halloween Party Activities

How many times have you gone to what promises to be a great Halloween party only to stand around and find after 15 minutes of checking out everyone’s costumes. . . you’re bored!

What’s needed are games to get guests up and moving and involved with each other! Do expect a certain level of protests when you bring up the idea of playing games. Somewhere along the way to adulthood, many folks have lost their sense of play. But do not be discouraged! Persevere. Persuade a couple of folks to play one of the simple games and soon others will want to join in. Before you know it, your guests will be laughing and having more fun then they’ve had at ANY party they’ve ever attended!

Rediscover old favorites updated with a Halloween twist!

Take costume contests for an example. Boring? Predictable? No way! We discuss some neat twists to contests, and ideas for prizes that will have everybody laughing and having fun!

Halloween Party Food

bonesticksOne thing everyone loves to do at a party is eat! Not only do we devote an entire section on some delicious Halloween dips, appetizers and deserts, each theme also offers its own food fare to try.

For instance, if you’ve decided on a pirate party, we have a variety of Caribbean-themed ideas, from surf n’ turf kabobs to peg legs, cannon balls and a variety of pirate-themed cocktail recipes!

Everybody has candy corn and popcorn at their party…big deal! Use the ideas in this book and they’ll talk about your party for years to come. Imagine the reaction you’ll get when your guests are cheerfully invited to feast on night of the living bread or on a juicy slice of brain cake. If they’re true Halloween fans, they’ll devour their first helping and beg for more!

What Others Are Saying about PartyHalloween!

Finally! A Halloween party book that shows me how to decorate without a lot of fuss. After all, I’m no Martha Stewart. This book rocks!

Debbie Drews
Jacksonville, Florida

I love the costume ideas, lol! I choose “tornado”, a very easy and funny costume with stuff from around the house. A sweat suit, cotton balls, some of my kid’s old toys, and done. Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

Mike Roberts,
Austin, TX

Thanks to PartyHalloween this years’ party will be the best ever! Printing the invitations in the eBook saved me enough money to PAY for my purchase…and they’re just perfect. I can’t wait to use the rest of the great ideas in this book.

Greg Smith
San Francisco, California

The food ideas are outrageous! My husband and I are hooked on the Buck-eyeballs:-) And the Leatherface’s Menu spread is incredible. Our guests will remember our Halloween party for years to come!

Dorothy Fox
Lake Forest, Illinois

Party Halloween is only $27 $17!

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Xtreme Halloween Party

extreme halloween party decorations

Xtreme Halloween Party Ideas
Tired of cute, happy smiling jack-o-lanterns? Ready for a party with an edge? Try our Gory Party theme and your guests will be
horrified and delighted all at the same time!We found the ultimate extreme theme in John L. Burton’s “Creating Gory Party Displays.” Known in the haunted attraction industry as OSG (One Scary Guy), John presents seminars on this topic.

In Xtreme Halloween Party you’ll find everything you need to throw a gory party including party themes, foods and food displays, practical party jokes, and games. For example . . . As the world goes topsy-turvy on Halloween, it’s time to break out of the old routine and go a little wild, or as author Lesley Pratt Bannatyne calls it, “Extreme Halloween.”We found the ultimate extreme theme in John L. Burton’s “Creating Gory Party Displays.”

gore food displays - gross stuff
Gory Food Displays

Inexpensive body parts can be reshaped to create serving bowls, trays, drink cups, etc. Slicing the top off a cut-off ‘head’ will make a great place to display the cauliflower for ‘Cauliflower Brain.’ A gelatin brain sitting on a cut-off head looks great, too. Bloody onion dip, ranch blood dip or blood ‘n guts gelatin could be displayed in a carved out arm or leg. Narrow tall cups inserted into the stump of a cut-off arm and hand makes it look like you’re drinking blood from a body part. Plus much more . . .

If you like your Halloween on the “extreme” side, give this a try. Your fiends…er, friends will just die when you invite them to play Gory Games such as “Suck Your Brains” or “Pin the Heart on the Dead Guy.” We’ll tell you how to transform gelatin into an entire cateGORY . . . great for foods, decorations and games!

Go wild with an Xtreme Halloween Party!

PartyHalloween BONUS Item #2:

Horror Hotel Dining Room Menu

Horror Hotel Menu
Beautifully illustrated, this menu is a collector’s item for any self-respecting Halloween fan!

With tongue-in-cheek humor, Horror Hotel owner and proprietor David R. Lady offers his “guests” a full service menu. Breakfast finds such favorites as Fresh-squeezed organs juice, 2 eyes & bacon, and Scream of Wheat.

Deadly Dinners offered include Fright Chicken, Flesh and Chips, and Blobster Newburg. If you prefer something less filling, try one of their “unappetizers” such as Horror D’oervres or Snails from the Crypt!

Ready to pick from the menu?

PartyHalloween BONUS Item #3:

How to Make Halloween Pumpkin Beer

How to Make Halloween Pumpkin Beer

Ever want to make pumpkin-flavored beer for your Halloween party? Now you can!

This sumptuous, easy to follow bonus ebook discusses one man’s quest for the perfect pumpkin beer. And he found it! Author David Lay even interviewed a college professor on what it takes to make a great pumpkin beer, and searched all over the Internet for resources, shortcuts and an easy to use calculator to measure out ingredients. His resulting home-made pumpkin beer was a rich, deep flavor that was a great hit at his party (I wish I was there!)

And now he’s sharing it here, for the first time! Read about the simple ingredients used, the easy 5 step process to brewing your own batch, and things he learned along the way to make the best flavor possible.

Try your own batch! You’ll be hooked every Halloween!

PartyHalloween BONUS Item #4:

Set Design and Construction for your Halloween Haunt and Party

Written by Nathan Lay, an award-winning Hollywood set designer

Set Design and Construction for your Halloween Haunt and Party

Looking for more than decorating your walls? How about building them?

Sure, you could have a great Halloween party with creative decor and a fog machine (all of which is greatly discussed in the main ebook), but if you want to go further, Nathan Lay, a professional Hollywood set designer, discusses how to build sets.

In this bonus ebook, you will learn exactly how to build a standard 8 foot tall stage wall (called a “flat”) using step-by-step instructions and diagrams. You’ll learn exactly how much and what type of wood you need, where and how to cut it, and how to put everything together.

Have you dreamed of building smoky hallways, a maze haunt or decorations you know will hurt your regular walls? Simply rinse and repeat, and you’ll have a set of stable, temporary and highly effective walls exactly as are used in Hollywood movies!

Finally, Nathan will show you how he nails each wall together, as well as corners – and not only safely, but also in such a way that it can easily be disassembled. You will be up and building your haunt in no time, just as the professionals do!

The choice is yours. Choose the straightforward, visual and easy-to-follow PartyHalloween! After all, life is complicated enough. . . your fun should be easy! PartyHalloween will make your party fun. . . and memorable!

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